Deactivate InstaVoice Voicemail Service

This page contains USSD shortcodes to disable conditional or unconditional call forwarding from your carrier. Using these codes, you can deactivate InstaVoice voicemail service and return to your original voicemail provider.

What is Call Forwarding in InstaVoice?

When you activate the InstaVoice visual voicemail service, you are actually forwarding your unreachable calls to InstaVoice. The calls are conditionally forwarded to InstaVoice, only when your phone is busy, unreachable or switched off.

In order to go back to your original voicemail provider, you need to deactivate conditional call forwarding by dialling a USSD short code from your phone. Even if you uninstall InstaVoice, your voicemail would still be managed by our systems, until you manually deactivate call forwarding. We’ve shared a list of shortcodes in the table below.

Need more help or do you have a question?

Try dialing the code a couple of times. If it dosen't work restart your phone and try again.
Unable to find your Carrier? Try dialing ##002#, it works with most of the carriers.

USSD Shortcodes to Disable Call Forwarding